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Aug 13, 2009 11:00pm EDT
it all out for us. >> reporter: brian, tonight this driver's union says she was the first casualty of metro's zero tolerance policy. they charge the agency acted too fast and are urging she be allowed back to work. a blogger says he shot this picture of a metro bus driver on her cell phone behind the wheel late last month and at the time metro's general manager seemed to be saying that driver would be out the door. >> yes, we have been able to identify the individual who's involved and we will take the appropriate action. and the action for speaking on a phone or texting on the inate termination. >> reporter: but her union says not so fast. the group claims the driver had to use her cell phone to call in a malfunction because her radio was broken and says there should even be a recording of the call. the union denies the bus was moving and s ymetro jumped the gun saying, quote, "reported incidents of cell phone use by employees should be investigated fully prior to taking any disciplinary action." some passengers we talked to agree. >> i think they acted too quick because of -- [ i
Aug 6, 2009 11:00pm EDT
in waldorf than there used to be. >> reporter: police say they tracked down the suspects because they left behind a stolen be. one of the teens also had a bite mark on his arm left there during the struggle with the brothers. police say the teens a' rest should be a relief to the community knowing the boys won't be able to plot another attack. >> i think the most bothersome aspect of this issue is the fact that number one, they are young and number two, they planned this and they were vicious attacks. that makes them very dangerous people. >> reporter: the sheriff's deputies also arrested four other people in connection with the first robbery. she say more arrests, brian, could come. >> maureen umeh live in our newsroom. >>> a local veteran firefighter off the job and in serious trouble. according to place wayne motorshead used his -- mothershead used his county e- mail to solicit sex from a 16- year-old. he came to meet the teen at the holbrooke shopping center in gaithersburg. that's where officers arrested him. >> there were an exchange ever e-mails. there was an exchange of phone numbe
Aug 27, 2009 11:00pm EDT
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Aug 20, 2009 11:00pm EDT
and a better chance for more thunderstorms. we could actually use the rain. it's really dry, but unfortunately, most of torrow looks rather stormy. that forecast coming up. >> we'll see you in a bit. >> a picture of how powerful mother nature is. a school ripped apart by high winds, other parts of the neighborhood, devastated. there were no reports of a tornado, but winds were high. >> to a developing story. the end for the cash for clunkers countdown is on. the government announced it is ending the program monday night at 8:00. >> reporter: a senior administration official called cash for clunkers the most suessful economic stimulus program ever. so much so the money is running out, again. mcfar land it getting a big break on his car purchases. >> it's really a good deal, $4,500 what i traded in. i don't think i could have gotten $45 for it. >> reporter: the phones at gerald auto mall said they made 700 cash for clunkers deals so far. >> i think it has helped. >> reporter: the government said there have been more than 457,000 dealer transactions so far worth $1.9 billion n rebates, getting ga
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4